The Advantages of Getting Carved Signs

chucks engraved wood graphics

Carvings always look timeless and elegant. When made into signs, they enhance the aesthetic of any establishment. But a carved business signage is not only visually appealing but also very functional. When done by the right company, you can have carved signs that are sure to draw passers-by’s attention. Some of the reasons why carved business signages are beneficial for your business include:

Uniqueness and Versatility

A shop sign can reflect the personality and branding of a company. And as such, it should be unique. It must also be able to convey the right message to a business’s target market.

When it comes to the creation of a sign, anything goes. So designers use versatile materials that can be fashioned into anything they want. As the business owner, you can coordinate with the artist and instruct them on what style, color, and text you would like to see on your carved signage.


You can get a bang for your buck when you get a carved sign. Materials such as PVC signboard and HDU are known for their durability, allowing them to withstand harsh weather conditions. Experienced signage makers can also help extend a carved signage’s lifespan by using the right finishing to keep them from chipping or fading.

Depth and Detail

Carved business signages look striking because even the most intricate details can be etched onto them. This adds depth and character to the designs. Anyone who will see them will surely appreciate the quality and attention to detail that has gone into it.

Class and Timelessness

Carved signages have been used for centuries by various establishments. And over the years, makers have worked with new and improved materials to make these signs last longer. Aside from looking sophisticated, a carved sign can also be a perfect marriage between something traditional and modern. Whatever style or design you have in mind, it will surely stand the test of time.

Hire the Experts on CNC Carving

At Great Big Graphics, we are experienced in CNC routing, enabling us to create high-quality carved signages that are perfect for your business. Whether you have artwork ready for carving or prefer hiring a designer to make one for you, we can handle it. Our team can do signs on plastic, foam substrates, or your choice material. Contact us for more details!