Interview: Heavy Equipment Graphics

tractor with graphics

Every week, owner Nichole Loati talks with Frankie Allen over at 101 The One radio station as part of their weekly business check-ins. Catch it live on on Tuesdays at 2:20 or check here for transcripts.

  • F: 101 The One very good Tuesday afternoon to you Frankie Allen here. We are going to be chatting with our friend over at Great Big Graphics the owner is Nichole. Well it feels like it was winter last time we chatted.
  • N: It’s been a few weeks!
  • F: It has been a few weeks but we’ve launched right into summer. And of course, I know it’s always a busy time for you, but you have been dealing with the latest endeavor, which is dealing with heavy equipment. Is that right?
  • N: Yeah, so I mean, we’ve always kind of done this but this is a big season for heavy equipment. If you know can imagine, I mean, and when I say heavy equipment, I mean essentially we’re doing vehicle graphics, which is what we do here year round, it’s a big part of what we do. But sometimes that vehicle isn’t in a truck or a car. Sometimes it’s a bulldozer, or a man lift, or a telehandler, all these fancy kind of tractor things that you know, big strong men use on job sites. And so we’ve been doing a lot of that lately and and something that’s a little more unique about this is that sometimes it’s difficult. for folks to get those in here for me to letter here at my site. So sometimes we will travel to a job site and letter the equipment there if folks are willing to pay for a travel time, often times these pieces of equipment are actually dropped off here when they’re a new purchase and the folks that are shipping it to the new owner will ship it to me first and leave at my parking lot and then I’ll do the work here before it gets picked up. And sometimes they are brought here on trailers and we have a giant 60 foot or so trailer that are shop with big fancy pieces of equipment on them.
  • F: So your shop is actually, that’s pretty big though. You’ve got a pretty big shop.
  • N: We have quite a large shop, yah, we’re proud to be able to take up to 60′ lengths and I do have a 14 foot high rolling door.
  • Wow!
  • Yah, we can fit some big pieces in here.
  • Well that’s pretty neat too. Another thing I’ve learned about Great Big Graphics in Morrisville. That’s wonderful. So as the summer proceeds what else do you see coming down the pike.
  • We’ve had a lot of banners, a lot of street banners and trade show banners happening right now. Lots of signs during the summer. I mean, this is the time for getting stuff into the ground that’s keeping us going and. Hopefully we will also be wrapping up the state contract that we’ve been working on for the last year or so, which is updating signage it all the liquor stores in the state. We’re getting pretty close to to wrapping that one up.
  • That’s terrific that’s a great contract. Congratulations. That’s huge, yah. It’s Great Big Graphics. Nichole, she is the owner and you’ll find them in Morrisville. They are at the industrial park and your website Nichole:
  • Okay, very good make a call if they see something you like you’re pretty much there all the time, right?
  • Monday through Friday, 8 to 4, and the number is 802-888-5515.
  • Well, as always, nice talking to you and, missed you a little bit. It’s nice to chat with you.
  • Good catching up Frankie.
  • Take care Nichole.
  • Alright, bye bye.