3 Signs Your Business Needs Better Signage

Before and after business signage for pack and park self storage rental units

There's a lot of competition in the market among small businesses these days. Businesses are getting more creative and competitive when it comes to standing out to consumers and providing top-notch experiences for customers. While this is great news for customers, it also means that it's significantly harder for your business to stand out from the rest. It can be easy to get caught up in the endless details and desire to go the extra mile to improve a business, but that can cost you extra money and extra time. Two things any business owner would like to keep to a minimum if possible. Sometimes, it just takes going back to the basics and remembering the power of quality over quantity. Cue the power of a professional business sign.

One of the simplest yet most forgotten ways of making your business stand out from the crowd is by investing in up-to-date professional business signage. Emphasis on the 'up-to-date'. People are attracted to the newest best-looking things in the world. And they are equally deterred from what's perceived as outdated. This is why it's so important to keep up with your business signage on a regular basis to ensure that you're still the most fly on the market. While you might not notice your signage being outdated (since you look at it every day), your target audience surely will. Don't let this scare you- we've got 3 signs to help you indicate when it might be time for a professional signage upgrade. And if the shoe fits, you know who to call.

1. Your signage no longer fits with your branding

Your signage is very much an expression of your brand and a reflection of your company. Outdoor business signs are the first thing that a customer sees before they even enter and begin to learn more about a business. It's so important to make sure that the signage is in line with the branding of a business so customers know what to expect when they get there. If your business' sign is no longer representative of your company's branding as a whole, this is a very clear indication to update it.

Your business sign should have elements that are recognizable and set you apart from the competition. Colors, fonts, and logos are some of the most important ways to create a strong brand. It's important that business owners make use of features on their signs that are in line with their branding and company culture as a whole. Most importantly, it's key to recognize and accept that brands don't always remain the same- but crucial that all visual elements of a brand embrace changes together in order to remain consistent and recognizable as a business.

2. Customers are telling you that they can't find your business easily

As business owners, there is one thing we can all agree on: The value of what your customers are saying about your business. If multiple customers have expressed to you that they're having trouble finding your business, or saw your sign and were confused if they were in the right place- listen to them. This is one of the simplest ways to tell that your signage may be outdated, and the clearest indication to make a change.

As mentioned earlier, signage that no longer fits with your branding is a large problem. However, signage that is not recognizable or hard to understand is significantly worse. If your customers are coming to you with concerns like this, your business signage may be outdated in other ways. These include but are not limited to: the feel of the sign (graphics, colors, typography), unclear lettering and typeface choices, or even the shape and dimensions of the sign as a whole. It's important as business owners to not neglect your signs and allow them to go out of date or deteriorate over time- especially because it's one of the simplest ways to improve customer experience. Choosing the right professional for all of your business signage needs can be stressful. But when you work with a sign company like Great Big Graphics, you're ensured to get a beautiful product that will stay up-to-date with your branding needs for years to come.

3. People don't know what service or product you provide

Finally, we've got this pretty clear-cut indication that your business signage might not be up-to-date. If people are confusing your business for another one, coming in for services you don't offer, or asking you what exactly you do there- it's time for a signage update! No doubt about it. Your business signage should clearly indicate what exactly you do and offer. And it doesn't have to have a cluttered body of text to do this.

When you work with a professional, they can help you carefully craft your messaging and graphics to reflect who you are and what you do through strategic branding. Great Big Graphics is a boutique sign and graphic design company that is trusted by thousands of companies across New England to create the perfect signage for their business. Businesses that work with Great Big Graphics can take a deep breath, knowing they've got all your sign needs taken care of from start to finish.

Work With The Pros

When it comes to all things signage and branding, we’ve got you covered. From design to installation, our team of experts at Great Big Graphics can help you find and implement the perfect signs for your business needs. And if any of the above points resonate with you- you’re ready for an upgrade that will make sure people find what they're looking for when they see your name on the street.

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